Army Of The Dead Star Batista Weighs In On WWE’s Zombie Invasion


Batista has commented on the zombie invasion that occurred during The Miz’s match with Damian Priest at WrestleMania Backlash, saying it was nothing to do with him.

Former two-time WWE Champion The Miz faced off once again Priest at WrestleMania Backlash in what was advertised as a Lumberjack Match. Priest picked that stipulation himself after defeating John Morrison on Raw. What the fans watching at home and inside the WWE ThunderDome got, however, was one of the most unusual matches of all time.

John Morrison was the first to discover the surprise when he entered the Lumberjack’s locker room to be confronted by a room full of zombies. The zombies then made their way to the ring trapping The Miz one on one with Priest. Late in the match, both Priest and Miz put their differences aside as they were dragged out of the ring by the zombies and teamed up to fight their undead assailants. Miz even slugged an apparent zombie-Elvis at ringside.

Both men managed to make it back in the ring where the match continued until Damian Priest hit the lights on The Miz for the victory. After the match, the zombies entered the ring appearing to devour Miz while Priest hit his trademark archer pose to reveal an advertisement for Batista’s new movie Army Of The Dead.

On social media Batista, hit back at fans blaming him for the polarising events, saying:

Wtf you telling me?!! You think I booked a bunch of f*cking zombies. I’m on a damn plane! Shouldn’t you be tweeting Vince?!

John Morrison failed to escape the zombies either, as he was dragged over the barriers while trying to help The Miz.

Army Of The Dead starring Dave Bautista is released on Netflix and in select theatres in the US on May 21st.