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Ariane Andrew Reached Out To Vince McMahon About WWE Return

Ariane Andrew

Former WWE Superstar Cameron, real name Ariane Andrew, has opened up about her desire to return to WWE, revealing that she went straight to the top and asked Vince McMahon himself about a possible return!

Ariane Andrew, who competed for AEW just last year, spoke with Wrestling Inc and hesitantly revealed that she’d love to return to WWE, where she was best known as Cameron and teamed with Naomi as part of The Funkadactyls.

“I am very torn if I want to say this, but I actually reached out recently and was like, ‘I would love to come back,’ and, will I be back? That’s to be determined, but I actually reached out to Vince [McMahon] himself and was like, you know what, I’m going to go to the person who’s at the top. I miss being in that world of wrestling.”

Andrew went on to say she reached out to Vince McMahon, and surprisingly received a reply, but that it was to say her message would be passed to John Laurinaitis.

“He actually responded, which is crazy. I know he’s a busy person. He was like, ‘I’ll pass this along to John Laurinaitis,’ who’s head of talent relations.”

Andrew first arrived on the wrestling scene as part of WWE Tough Enough before making a name for herself as Cameron, one half of The Funkadactyls, alongside Naomi. Since departing WWE, Andrew’s wrestling appearances have been few and far between, but the star – who has since become an entrepreneur working across many fields – did wrestle in All Elite Wrestling in July after four years away from the ring.

Part of the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup, Andrew teamed with Nyla Rose, but a first round exit to Anna Jay and Tay Conti saw her one and only appearance for the promotion end in swift fashion. As well as creating her own fitness app and key-labelling company, Andrew is an established actor who has dipped her toes in the world of music in the past, releasing her first song in four years, Born With It, recently.