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Ariane Andrew On If Melina vs Alicia Fox Is Still Her Favourite Match

Ariane Andrew

Ariane Andrew who competed in WWE as Cameron has commented on the infamous moment when she told Stone Cold Steve Austin her favourite wrestling match of all time was Melina vs. Alicia Fox.

Wrestling is entirely subjective with opinions varying on almost everything. Some people regard Ric Flair’s series of matches with Ricky Steamboat as the greatest ever. Modern fans might point to Kenny Omega’s work Kazuchika Okada in Japan. For those more in tune with historic moments and crowd reactions then The Rock facing off with Hulk Hogan might wet your whistle while CM Punk taking the WWE Championship home in Chicago might rock the boat for others. There was however a sense of general bewilderment among fans who watched Andrew on the rebooted version of Tough Enough hosted by WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin when she declared the best match of all time to be Melina vs. Alicia Fox.

Speaking to Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Andrew was asked if she still feels the same way about that match after all these years. For Andrew, her tastes may have changed now but she stands by her pick at the time.

Ariane Andrew explained:

“It’s something that I said, and I stand with what I said at the time. I was new to wrestling. It’s crazy how there’s so many people who are in WWE, and still today, who were never wrestling fans, but somehow, someway for me saying that that’s my favourite match, I get so much s**t. And you know what, I’m gonna own it because, at that time, that’s where I was at, and that’s who I resonated with.”

“When I watched that match and being new to wrestling, I really liked that match. Come on, there’s so many amazing matches that have been out since that, but I feel like if I say that, then it’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, well, you’re trying to make up.’ So you know what, I’m not gonna say that’s my favourite match of all time now, but at that time, that’s what I was feeling.”

Ariane Andrew will mainly be remembered from her time as a Funkadactyl in WWE where she and Naomi accompanied Brodus Clay to the ring. She also shared her thoughts on what the women’s division in WWE is currently lacking. Andrew is currently promoting her new single ‘Born With It Remixed By Damon Sharpe.’

Credit: The Wrestling Inc. Daily