Apollo Crews Has Been Working On His Promo Skills

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews has revealed that he is currently working on his promo skills as he looks to continue improving himself within WWE.

2020 was the year that saw Apollo finally capture his first championship (winning the US Title with a victory over Andrade in May), although he eventually lost it to Bobby Lashley.

Now as a recently drafted member of the SmackDown roster, the ex-Titus Worldwide member Apollo revealed in a new interview with Comic Book that he is hoping to continue working on his mic skills and wants to develop a closer relationship with the WWE Universe, becoming a superstar that fans can really get behind.

I feel like with the promos and stuff like that, that is something that I’ve been working on very hard. I want to be more entertaining. I don’t want to just be this guy who comes in the ring with some nice pair of tights and does some cool moves. You know what I mean? I feel like that entertainment part is a huge part of this business and it’s a huge part of having people, fans. Or, it helps with fans being able to relate to you.

Apollo knows the business, and the importance of having a close connection with the audience. He goes on to add why he thinks that his personal character development is so important for 2021, and how much focus he places on it.

That’s what people really gravitate towards, is when they see who you are as a character. So I feel like that’s something that is very important for me to work on and for me to build a bigger fan base and for people to want to see me do better. That character work is so, so important, and that’s something that I’ve been actually focusing on a lot. That’s one thing that I’d love to be able to show more in 2021, is that side.

He summarises why this development is required so much for his character, pointing out that the ring discipline and ring work is all there and he knows now that he doesn’t need to worry so much about that aspect – it’s the character of Apollo Crews he wants to refine, build and get out there this coming year.

That’s one of the things that I realized later where at first it was like, ‘Okay, I need to be disciplined in the ring. It’s in the ring, in the ring, in the ring.’ Then I realized, ‘Okay, that is not something that I should worry about too much. I need to worry about this other part of it, the entertainment part and show people who I am as a character. So that to me is important this year, to be able to get out there.

Apollo Crews, unfortunately, came up short in his Intercontinental Championship match against Big E on the January 8, SmackDown, although he showed a lot of positives in the defeat.