Apollo Crews Calls NXT Star “Low-Budget Miz”

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews didn’t mince words with his criticism of a current NXT star after having his previous persona ridiculed!

The latest episode of NXT 2.0 featured the debut of The Grayson Waller Effect, a new talk show hosted by the brash Australian star. Waller, no stranger to calling out former champions from WWE’s main roster, criticized Apollo Crews last week and declared that the former Intercontinental Champion would be the first guest on his show, which was streamed on Instagram Live as well as NXT 2.0.

Waller started by poking fun at Apollo Crews for his previous persona as a Nigerian Warrior, where he adopted an accent and appeared alongside Commander Azeez.

“Didn’t you used to have an accent? Hey, I remember that! The proud Nigerian warrior, but you come back here to NXT, no accent, no native garb. What happened to that, huh?”

Instead of being upset at Waller’s remarks, Crews simply laughed and imitated his own accent to the delight of the crowd. He then switched back to his regular voice and said that he’s still a Nigerian warrior, that he’s proud of his heritage and that he went on to WrestleMania 37 to become Intercontinental Champion.

Crews wasn’t done and had some jabs to take at Grayson Waller himself after the Australian took some questions from Instagram Live.

“Apollo Crews from Orlando, FL would like to know, Grayson: how does it feel to be a low-budget version of The Miz? Answer that, man, how does that feel?”

Waller insisted that he takes it as a compliment, but both Crews and the NXT audience made it clear that it wasn’t meant to be a flattering comparison.

Later in the episode, it was announced that the two will square off next week in singles action on NXT 2.0.

As for the actual Miz, he was last seen being dragged out of the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto when he was kidnapped by Dexter Lumis.