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APA Documentary To Air On WWE Network


The APA is to be showcased in their own edition of WWE Untold on the WWE Network.A ‘Best of the APA’ compilation is also being added to the free version of the Network so everyone can enjoy Faarooq and Bradshaw’s exploits once again.

The WWE Untold series has taken a look back at groundbreaking characters, rivalries, and moments since its inception in 2018.The first edition covered Mick Foley’s iconic fall from the Hell in a Cell match at King of the Ring 1998.

Starting as The Acolytes, Bradshaw and Faarooq first teamed in WWE in the autumn of 1998.They would go on to be key members of The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness.The duo then morphed into the Acolytes Protection Agency, or APA, in early 2000.As ‘guns for hire’ they would be paid to protect other WWE Superstars.

The team would hold the WWE World Tag Team Championships three times during their time together.The APA disbanded for good in 2004 when Faarooq, by then known by his real name of Ron Simmons retired from the ring.Bradshaw would transform into JBL and hold the WWE Championship.The two men have both been inducted individually into the WWE Hall of Fame.Simmons entered as part of the class of 2012 whereas Bradshaw was inducted into the delayed class of 2020.

The WWE Network has been at the centre of news in the wrestling world lately.WWE confirmed that they have sold the US rights to the WWE Network to NBC Universal.The WWE Network will be available in the United States through NBC’s Peacock streaming service.The change does not affect the WWE Network globally.