Anthony Ogogo Says He Took A “Massive Pay Cut” To Sign With AEW

Anthony Ogogo

Since arriving on AEW Dynamite, Anthony Ogogo has made quite the impact.

Upon debuting back in March the former Olympian attacked Cody Rhodes. In the process Ogogo aligned himself with QT Marshall, Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto.

The repercussions from the attack rumbled on all the way up to Double or Nothing when Ogogo and Rhodes finally squared off in the ring. While the Brit came up short on the night, by the time the final bell rang, the American Nightmare knew that he had been in a fight.

Speaking prior to Double or Nothing, Anthony Ogogo reflected on signing with AEW back in 2019, explaining that he’s still on a developmental contract despite his recent high-profile feud.

In conversation with the Wrestling Inc Daily podcast, Ogogo also revealed that he took a “massive pay cut” to sign with the company.

“I’m not even on a tier. I took a pay cut to do this… That’s how much I wanted to do this. I took a massive pay cut to do this. I’m on a developmental contract. I might be their first developmental wrestler. As it happened, I just developed a hell of a lot quicker than anyone thought I’d develop. The development is over on Sunday when I pin Cody to the mat, 1-2-3. Actually, I’m not going to pin him. I’m going to spark him out. I’m going to knock his block off. When he’s rendered unconscious, that’s when my development ends.”

It is unclear whether Ogogo’s contract status has changed since his defeat to Rhodes.

In an earlier, recent interview with Ogogo detailed how WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle helped him after he was forced to retire from boxing. The bronze medallist said that he and Angle became friends adding that they’re both very similar.