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Anthony Ogogo Reportedly Has Heat With Some In AEW Over Online Conduct

Anthony Ogogo

Anthony Ogogo has reportedly caused a stir with some talents in AEW following his recent Twitter spat with Jonathan Gresham and Jordynne Grace.

At Ring Of Honor Final Battle on December 11th, Jonathan Gresham defeated Jay Lethal to become ROH World Champion. The show sporting the tag line ‘End of an Era’ is the last confirmed event from the promotion, as it had earlier been announced that ROH would be going on hiatus.

Following the win, AEW’s resident boxer turned wrestler Anthony Ogogo took aim at Gresham on social media. The Olympic bronze medallist mocked the new champion over his height, before comparing his win to Hornswoggle winning the Cruiserweight Championship in 2007.

While Gresham didn’t respond initially, his wife and IMPACT Wrestling star Jordynne Grace fired back at Ogogo, with the pair engaging in a war of words across a number of messages. Grace later deactivated her Twitter account.

When Gresham did address the comments he made it clear that none of what had taken place was an ‘angle,’ taking issue with Ogogo for taking shots at both himself and his wife. In response, the AEW star attempted to pass his comments off as a “bit of fun.”

While Ogogo may have felt his comments were light-hearted jabs, it seems not everyone within AEW agreed. According to a new report from Fightful Select, “several” AEW wrestlers were less than impressed with how Ogogo had handled himself.

One talent suggested that Ogogo wasn’t genuine in his insults and was simply attempting to create an angle, however, once Gresham made it clear he wasn’t involved, the Olympian had gone too far to turn back.

The report added that the heat backstage wasn’t said to be substantial.

Anthony Ogogo recently returned to action after six months out of action due to injury. Back in July Ogogo revealed that he had undergone a tenth eye surgery, in storyline blamed on a beatdown he received at the hands of Billy Gunn.