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Anthony Henry States WWE “Couldn’t Care Less” About 205 Live

Former WWE Superstar Anthony Henry has stated that he believes the WWE “couldn’t care less” about the 205 Live product, adding he believes the purpose of the show is to operate as content “filler.”

During an exclusive interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Anthony Henry, FKA Asher Hale, discussed his experience of 205 Live over his six-month spell with the WWE adding that he believes 205 Live exists as television filler and that in reality “they couldn’t care less” about it.

Whilst recalling his experiencing working on WWE’s Cruiserweight-centric show, the former Asher Hale stated that, in his honest opinion, the show’s purpose now is to fill WWE’s contracted television content output.

” Yeah, so my opinion, my honest opinion on this one, not holding back on that one. I feel like it’s just filler. It’s just there to be there. It’s WWE has contracted, you know, to have a certain amount of content, I’m sure, I don’t know the details of that, you know, however many hours they have to fill, you know, to get paid. I feel like that’s 205 Lives purpose at this point is that and also prepping talent to be put up on NXT or to use them and get them reps in until something opens up for NXT which, of course, I was hopeful that that would be the case for me.”

The former EVOLVE Tag Team Champion continued, detailing the role of 205 Live in prepping talent for NXT and the process of realising “they couldn’t care less about this”.

“You know, you initially get there and the first year there and you’re, you’re, you’re okay, with just being there and getting into the system and learning and all that then you’re like, Alright, now, I want to be used on TV. So then it’s like, okay, now I’m being used. So for me, it was NXT initially, then, alright, then we’re gonna get you some reps into a five live, alright, that works for me. So you’re happy being on TV and give me those reps and, and being on camera getting used to being on television, because it’s different than wrestling for an independent show, because you have fans as opposed to working specifically for the camera and the audience at home. So that’s when you do that for a little while, and then you kind of like slowly realise, at least for me, Alright, we’re doing 205 live and they could care less about this.”

Henry concluded by adding that he was aware that producers watched the show, at least those involved, and that he had received the “thumbs up” from Triple H once or twice following his appearances on 205 Live.

“You know, if it even gets watched by the majority of the producers or whatever, and the producers, for the most part, did watch our matches, especially the ones that were with us but as far as, like other important people watching the show, I don’t know how many of them did watch. I did get the or the the the thumbs up from Triple H once or twice after a 205 Live got the fistbump, cool Triple H liked my match, that’s awesome. But yeah, for the most part, I feel like it’s just a show to be a show. And it’s almost like a defeated attitude you could have I could see that happening in the locker room as some people do have it. I never was that way because I just wanted to go out there and have these bomb matches if I could within the parameters I was given and hope that somebody important was watching it and they were taking notice, you know, that’s all you can hope for. Obviously, maybe that wasn’t the case.”

Henry also revealed to Inside The Ropes the impact the recent WWE releases has had on the NXT locker room, as well as revealing who he believes the best wrestler in the world is and what the future holds for Anthony Henry returning from the dead.

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