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Anthony Henry Reveals NXT Locker Room Atmosphere – “Nobody Feels Safe”

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Former WWE NXT & 205 Live Superstar Anthony Henry has detailed the atmosphere within the NXT locker room following multiple batches of talent releases, stating “nobody feels safe.”

During an exclusive interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Anthony Henry FKA Asher Hale, discussed the NXT locker room atmosphere before his WWE release as part of the August 6th batch of releases, revealing that nobody felt safe following the releases of some of WWE’s biggest names.

Responding to a question on the impact the regular WWE releases had on the morale and performances of the NXT Superstars, Henry would respond:

“Yeah, I definitely do think that morale is impacted, for sure. Because nobody, like you said, just with it being a case of like names being released, that previously we would have thought would never have been released. “

Expanding on the question, the man formerly known as Asher Hale, revealed that nobody in the NXT locker room feels like they are safe due to the names released previously by the WWE, emphasising however that the NXT locker room was a great locker room during his time with the company:

“With that being the case, nobody feels safe I don’t think you know, and I wouldn’t say it necessarily affects their performances, but their mental state and just the overall feeling of the locker room, I would say is impacted. You know, and I think that’s natural and that would be the case for anybody, any locker room, any job situation, but I mean, it’s a great locker room.”

The former EVOLVE Tag Team Champion revealed that morale had changed significantly during his six-month sting with the company, adding that he had heard about occurrences in the company since the start of the pandemic that had affected morale in the locker room:

“But the moral is, it’s changed even from when I started and in, you know, I’ve just heard things here and there just about how it’s been, since the start of the pandemic, and just all the various changes that have occurred with the, with the company and stuff, you know, over the last year or so. So, I don’t know, interesting stuff going forward.”

During the same interview, Anthony Henry would reveal to Liam Alexander-Stewart that he believes the rumoured changes to the NXT products will not affect the programme “in the most positive way”:

“So I definitely, I definitely think that like, for me, the NXT product is one of the best products on television, in my opinion, and I still will say that, regardless of the situation, I can sit back and watch NXT and enjoy it as a fan as a performer and I can’t say that for all the wrestling that I have watched and everybody has their preferences, but that’s mine. But I do think that with if these changes, and again, there’s definitely a shift and whether or not I’m correct, and whether or not everybody in the dirt sheets is correct on the exact details of the shift. I would tend to believe that’s probably the case, exactly what they’re saying. But regardless, that shift is occurring and if it does occur in the way that we’re all seemingly thinking it’s going to, I do think it’s going to impact the product and I don’t necessarily think it’s going to be in the most positive way, especially not for my preferences and probably not for a lot of people’s preferences. Maybe a lot less focus on the actual in-ring work, as you said and things of that nature. Maybe it’s bigger, larger personalities and people, younger people, I don’t know. But I do think the product is gonna change a whole lot. And not everybody’s gonna be happy about it.”

Henry also revealed to Inside The Ropes his honest opinions on 205 Live and the WWE’s view of the show, as well as revealing who he believes the best wrestler in the world is and what the future holds for Anthony Henry returning from the dead.

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