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Anthony Henry On Triple H’s Love For NXT – “NXT’s His Baby, His Heart Is In It”

Former WWE NXT Superstar Anthony Henry has discussed Triple H’s hands-on approach with his NXT “baby”, adding he believes the recent NXT releases will be disappointing for ‘The Game’.

During an exclusive interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Anthony Henry FKA Asher Hale, discussed Triple H’s day-to-day role within NXT, adding that ‘The King of Kings’ is “very hands-on” and that the NXT releases will be disappointing for him as he considers NXT “his baby.”

The former Asher Hale initially discussed Triple H’s role with the NXT product, revealing just how hands-on he is with the product and the performers.

“He’s very hands on. I would say that NXT’s definitely his baby. I think he’s got a lot of stock in the product and how its represented. So I can only imagine that, you know, the releases and the possible changes that are going to be occurring. I can only imagine that they’re going to be disappointing for him.”

The former EVOLVE Tag Team Champion continued, adding that, although he did not have many interactions with Triple H during his six months with NXT, he had seen and heard him on multiple occasions helping the NXT talent non-stop.

“I haven’t talked to him a whole lot course. I was only there for six months so I had limited interactions with him, but he was always there, he was always helping the talent non stop the entire time he was there, you know. So you can definitely tell that his heart is into that product.”

Finally, Henry would add that he can tell that Triple H’s heart is firmly behind NXT and the NXT product and that all the reported changes and alterations to the NXT brand will be an “emotional rollercoaster” for him.

“So we’ll see how it goes. But again, I’m just I’m not the most optimistic about how things are going to go. And, again, if that’s the case, I could definitely see that, you know, being an emotional roller coaster for him [Triple H].”

The man formerly known as Asher Hale would stay throughout the interview that he is grateful for the opportunity the WWE gave him and although he is angry at how things ended he believes he is now a better wrestler for the time he spent in the performance centre and within the WWE system.

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