Ant-Man Star Paul Rudd Learns About Orange Cassidy In Hilarious Video

Ant-Man Star Paul Rudd Learns About Orange Cassidy In Hilarious Video

Ant-Man is the latest blockbuster from Marvel Studios. The movie stars Paul Rudd, who unbeknownst to him inspired one of AEW’s most popular acts.

Rudd is currently promoting his third Ant-Man movie. During an interview with William Mulley of the Cutaway, Hollywood’s resident nice guy was shown an image of AEW’s Orange Cassidy and told how one of his iconic roles influenced the lackadaisical star.

One of Rudd’s most famous parts is Andy from the 2001 teen comedy movie, Wet Hot American Summer. The character is a self-centred denim-clad to-cool-for-school bad boy who defies instructions and doesn’t take anything too seriously.

The part of Andy has many similarities with The King of Sloth Style. His fashion sense, attitude and demeanour can all be traced back to Rudd’s portrayal of the character.

Orange Cassidy Replied To The Clip Featuring Ant-Man Star Paul Rudd

The hilarious footage of Rudd learning about Cassidy went viral and reached the timeline of the All-Atlantic Champion. Upon viewing the clip the Freshly Squeezed one posted a reply in his typical nonchalant style. Cassidy simply wrote:


Cassidy is one of AEW’s most popular stars. One of the things that made him such a stand-out performer in the promotion is his instantly iconic look and style. His non-fussed, laid-back, sloth-like demeanour is perfectly captured with his ring attire of casual jeans and sunglasses which he refuses to take off before the match.

Literally, all he has to do to get a huge reaction is put his hands in his pockets, maybe remove his sunglasses and give a lazy thumbs up.

His gimmick tends to work best with more comedic, kayfabe-breaking matches, but Cassidy is a fantastic wrestler as his match with Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door proves. It is his contradictive style that makes him one of the promotion’s hottest talents.

Throughout his career, he has continued to defy his doubters and in October of last year, he won his first singles title in AEW. He defeated his old rival PAC to capture the All-Atlantic Championship. He has since successfully defended it 11 times against names such as Katsuyori Shibata, Trent Seven and Jake Hager.