Another Big Sign CM Punk Could Be “Done” With AEW Entirely

CM Punk holding his ears

The contract status of CM Punk remains unknown, but it seems the former AEW World Champion may never be returning to the company.

CM Punk has remained a controversial figure within wrestling over the past few days, stemming from his involvement in the alleged backstage brawl following All Out. It hasn’t been outright confirmed if he’ll be serving a suspension, but he will be taking time away as he recovers from an arm injury.

Discussing the developing matter on a recent audio show, Wade Keller refrained from directly saying that CM Punk is officially done with AEW, but he believes it to be a plausible scenario:

“I’m almost willing to say [Punk is] probably done with the company. But I’m not super confident on that, because I just think there’s so many moving parts on this story. But that’s certainly where their leaning is right now, as opposed to he’s totally forgiven and the others are gone. I think it’s more likely Punk is gone for a variety of reasons. And I don’t know if that includes insubordination in that Q&A or if it has to do with other aspects or if it has to do with Punk just wanting out now.”

It was alleged that CM Punk’s comments directed to The Elite, Adam Page, and Colt Cabana on the post-All Out media scrum resulted in a backstage brawl between a pro-Punk party and a pro-Elite side. The majority of those involved, including Ace Steel, Brandon Cutler, and The Elite themselves, are now suspended indefinitely.

CM Punk was stripped of the AEW World Championship on the latest Dynamite, having picked up a serious injury at the pay-per-view itself. It’s unknown if he’s suspended too. Regardless, he wasn’t directly mentioned by either Tony Khan or MJF, who confronted Punk at All Out, on the broadcast.

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