Angelo Dawkins “P***ed Off” At Being ‘Second’ To Montez Ford

Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins at the National Mall

With a lot of chatter online and on WWE programming about Montez Ford’s skills, Angelo Dawkins warns everybody not to sleep on him.

Montez Ford’s exuberant personality and new bulked-up physique have led to many commentators speculating on WWE’s plans for the star, which could involve a break-up with Street Profits partner Angelo Dawkins.

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, Angelo Dawkins explained why some of the comments about him and Ford online are starting to annoy the star:

“I mean, I’d be lying if I said I ain’t hearing all the talk on the internet. Like, especially about me and stuff like that. Like obviously, I see it all the time with Tez second world like that dude’s a freak of nature, like, as my brother like, I know he’s good. I know he’s talented. He’s destined to become the world champion.”

“But then like, oh I saw people like talking about me like I’m some scrub or whatever. But then oh, wait a minute, like, hold up. Oh, they must not know about me. Okay, cool.”

“That took me back to like when I first started in a way, when I first started, like everybody, when I first started, the people that I started with, was like I would not even be having this moment right here with you guys talking right now. Like, I wasn’t even gonna make it like a month at that time.”

“And I was like, oh, all right, but like, we’ll see. Now everybody talking about me in that kind of way, saying I’m second fiddle. I’m just like, hey, what’s up? I’m just the other guy or whatever. Like, oh, okay, cool, like, I’ll holla at y’all Saturday.”

“I remember after SmackDown we landed from Phoenix and landed in Vegas. I got to the hotel, and it was just in my head and it was p*ssing me off to a degree, you know, me, I’m a quiet guy. I’ll joke around and stuff, but I try not to let a lot of things get to me. That was getting to me.”

Dawkins finished up by saying that he appreciates his role in the Street Profits might be more in the background but issued a somewhat ominous warning:

“[…] Tez is obviously the more ‘out there’ guy. So like, I don’t mind being in the background. Like I started my role. I’ll play my role. I’m a role player, in a way, but then I had to remind everybody like, hey, dawg, you’re gonna have to put some respect on my name like, it’s like the talk is starting to p*ss me off now. Now like, you’re about to see a different me.”

The former Raw Tag Team Champions have a chance to get their hands on gold once again after a huge Money In The Bank rematch was set for SummerSlam.

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