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Angel Garza Reflects On Controversial COVID Tweets

Angel Garza

Los Lotharios’ Angel Garza has commented on his previous comments on social media where he suggested his kisses were the cure for COVID.

Angel Garza and his cousin Humberto are SmackDown’s Latin lovers on Friday Night SmackDown and speaking to TV Insider the tag team discussed their “Kiss Cam” and if they use plants or real crowd members for it.

Angel explained that they normally use a regular member of the crowd but COVID caused issues with that and he reflects on some ill-judged Tweets he made towards the start of the pandemic:

“During live events, we do a normal crowd member. Right now, we got to make sure during TV they are safe, especially with COVID. There is even testing. I remember back in the day during Raw, I would do that spot. I was asking for kisses from the ladies. By the beginning of the pandemic, I stopped doing it.”

“We didn’t realize how big it was that I was still doing it. I would joke that my kisses were the cure for COVID. Right now, those words are killing me. They are like, “Remember these tweets”—I totally messed up. But the “Kiss Cam” was something I brought to the table. What if both of us do some kiss with some ladies? We started working on that. It came out great. We are getting those reactions we want. I think it is going to work even better.”

Angel and Humberto last competed in WWE in a losing effort as both men tried to unseat Ricochet as Intercontinental Champion on WrestleMania SmackDown.