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Andrade Responds to WWE’s New “Hyper-Focus” On Mexican Lucha Libre

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Former WWE Superstar Andrade has responded to comments made by WWE President Nick Khan relating to the company’s plans to expand into Mexico.

Appearing on Colin Cowherd’s podcast, Khan explained that WWE had a “hyper-focus” on Mexico and Lucha Libre. WWE’s President went on to discuss potential plans for the company to expand into the region, creating a Mexican promotion which would aim to pull in 30 million viewers.

Andrade then took to social media, appearing to take issue with the comments. The former WWE United States Champion posted “More talent for sitting in the locker room!” in reaction to the news.

Away from WWE, AEWs Thunder Rosa has also been discussing representation in wrestling. During a recent Q&A, Rosa opened up to Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Stewart, about the importance of her Mexican heritage and how she represents that in her famous ring gear.

“Well, for me, it is very important that people know that I was born in Mexico, but I’m like, you know, adopted American, I’m an American citizen and I’m very, very proud of being an American citizen because of all the opportunities that I have gotten ever since I moved to this country. And I will represent them. That’s why you always see me with a Mexican American flag. You will see me wearing something such as wearing both flags because my heart is Mexican. I speak Spanish and I love my culture. And I’m very proud of where I come from. But I also am very proud of what I have, what I have become here in America.”

Andrade was officially granted his release from WWE on March 21st.

At time of writing there is no word on where the man formerly known as La Sombra will make his in-ring return.