Andrade Comments On WWE Release, Thanks Triple H Among Others

Andrade Thumb

Following confirmation of his WWE release, former WWE United States Champion Andrade has taken to Twitter to thank Triple H, Paul Heyman and William Regal for years of support.

After tweeting “good news” last night with the hashtags “tranquillo” and “happy”, speculation began before WWE confirmed Andrade’s release. In his first tweet following the news, Andrade would thank his fans for the support, as well as the talent and workers who were kind to him – as well as Triple H, William Regal and Paul Heyman.

“I want to thank @TripleH, @HeymanHustle and@RealKingRegal for all these years and great support that they gave me all these years also to the fans who were always supporting me, a big hug to all the talent and workers who always behaved kindly to me.”

Andrade posted a follow up tweet, saying “Happy wife, happy life” before a Spanish statement translating to “I’m super happy, not sad.”

Last week, Andrade had seemingly confirmed rumours that he requested his release from WWE, saying he wants to make his dreams come true.

Taking to Twitter, Andrade would confirm that the “rumours are true” as the former United States Champion shared a statement in both English and Spanish for his followers.

“The rumors are true and I don’t know what the future holds but I want to make my dreams come true. thank you for giving me so much support these last days”

On March 12th, reports emerged that Andrade had officially requested his release from WWE after removing all references to WWE from his social media, including from his Twitter handle. Andrade would add fuel to those flames by posting a photo of himself with the caption “Camina Walk!!” before adding, “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.”

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer later noted that Andrade’s request was denied, with recent reports suggesting the former NXT Champion wasn’t backstage at the following RAW. Andrade was released on March 21st, but hadn’t been seen on WWE television since before the latest WWE draft in November 2020, where he remained undrafted. His last match was a losing effort on RAW in October to former stablemate Angel Garza.