Andrade Believes He Was “Born To Do This”

Andrade Thumb

Former NXT and WWE United States Champion, Andrade, has spoken about how, in his belief, he was born to wrestle.

Currently on the shelf as he rehabs a minor procedure he underwent several weeks ago, the Mexican has had to sit back and watch as his former manager and friend, Zelina Vega, departed the company as well as rumours swirl that his once partner, Angel Garza, is about to be entered into a huge storyline with a returning Eva Marie.

Whilst the talent is missing out on several major storylines during his absence, it hasn’t stopped him from keeping his name in the spotlight and declaring himself the future.

Taking to YouTube and the channel that he shares with fiancée, Charlotte Flair, Andrade posted a video speaking about why he was born to be a professional wrestler. The video delves into his family history, what he learned in Japan and who he is:

“When I was a child, I remember my dad coming home late. I remember a few times he had a bandage wrapped around his head and you could see the blood coming through. I would watch quietly from the stairs how my mom would take care of my dad and clean his forehead. I am Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza. I was born November 3rd, 1989, in Gomez Palacio Durango, Mexico. A small town in the north of Mexico. Today, I am a third-generation professional wrestler.

Jose Andrade Estrada, Lucha name – El Moro, the first wrestler in my family to open the doors to this business. I don’t have many memories of my grandfather. Because I was three years old when he passed away, but my grandfather left behind 10 children. In which, seven of them became luchadores, continuing his legacy I live on. I learned at a young age that this business requires many sacrifices, my oldest uncle, Jesus Andrade Salas, was left temporarily paralyzed and in a coma from a back drop in a wrestling match in 1986. He was never able to return to the ring. When I was old enough to wrestle, he became one of my coaches.”

Many could be forgiven for thinking that this was, in part, the star preparing for a comeback by exhibiting a new character. However, he continued to talk about his family and his entry into the industry:

“My six uncles. As well as other men in my life or took part in opening my eyes and training me for this business, my dad was never my coach, but he was always watching. He has always supported me in all my decisions. The biggest one, when I was 17 years old, I went to Mexico City to make a name for myself in this business. I put school and family second to make a name in all of Mexico. I went by Brilliante Jr. in my hometown and I had made a name for myself. When I moved to Mexico City, I was starting all over. I worked my way to the main cabin in the biggest company in Mexico, CMLL. I was now known as La Sombra. Japan was the next home. I never imagined at 19 years old, I would be wrestling in Japan. When I won my first title I realized WWE was my next step. I am a junior. Grandson, son, nephew, Ingobernable, champion, the future. So now we rebuild Andrade. Why? I have no choice. I was born to do this.”

Recently, it has been reported that WWE are seriously considering a massive storyline for Andrade upon his return, which would see him partner with his future wife. It is hoped and believed that the association will shake off what has been done to him thus far and push him into the main event picture where he belongs.

The last time we saw Andrade on WWE television was on the October 12 Monday Night Raw, when he lost a bout to Angel Garza and then he and Zelina Vega received a Sister Abigail from ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss.