Amanda Huber Hits Back At Criticism Of Brodie Jr. Being Exploited In AEW

Dark Order Amanda Huber Negative One Brodie Jr Brodie Lee

Amanda Huber, the wife of the late Brodie Lee, addressed concerns about her son’s presence as Negative One on AEW television.

The wrestling world was shocked when Jon Huber, known to AEW fans as Brodie Lee, tragically passed away in December of 2020. Huber had been suffering from a non-COVID-related lung issue since the previous October, and his death left a mark on many members of the wrestling world.

In the wake of his father’s tragic passing, Huber’s son Brodie Jr. was welcomed into the AEW family, and has continued to appear regularly on AEW television as Negative 1, the leader of the Dark Order – a position once held by his father. On a recent episode, he was challenged by QT Marshall, but said that he’d wait to face the leader of the Nightmare Factory until he’s older.

While some see AEW signing Brodie Lee’s son as a kind gesture on the part of AEW, the move has drawn criticism from others who claim putting a child on television is exploitative of his father’s death.

However, his mother Amanda Huber insists that the young star has always wanted to be a wrestler and that he’s starting to grow up as he gets involved in more of the show’s tapings. In an interview with Men’s Health, she addressed the idea that some say she’s letting her son be exploited.

“That’s not it, either! [AEW has handled the situation with] such grace and such kindness … that I personally don’t feel like they’ve exploited him, or taken advantage of us. Everything’s always felt to me like it’s done with nothing but love. I think people are skeptical and pessimistic and assume that it’s a lot more sinister than it is.”

While Brodie Jr. doesn’t currently earn a salary from his AEW appearances, Huber says that he’ll gain access to an account with royalties from his AEW appearances when he turns 18. She says that she’s doing the best she can for her son, and admits that she’s not perfect.

“Again, everybody would have a different way of handling this. I’m doing my best. I’m trying. There’s a good chance I’m screwing something up along the way.”

Negative One himself says that there’s a very simple reason that he wants to appear in wrestling.

“I do it because I love it. And my dad did it.”

While Dark Order members Stu Grayson and Alan Angels recently departed the company, original member Evil Uno says the group is here to stay.