All References To Vince McMahon Gone From WWE Backstage Areas

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon’s presence and name backstage are now nowhere to be found after retiring from WWE.

Former CEO Vince McMahon is no longer running the company. The 76-year-old businessman retired from WWE amidst sexual allegations with Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan assuming co-CEO roles. In addition, Triple H has taken over creative responsibilities for all major WWE programming going forward.

With the Vince era now over, many have wondered what the backstage atmosphere and setting are like now that billionaire is no longer in charge. One report may reveal that his office has now changed to reflect the new era of the company.

According to PWinsider, Vince’s office is now listed as the CEO OFFICE. The report noted that all references and signage to Vince had been removed for the time being. There is also now an office for Triple H.

What had previously been billed as Vince’s Office before his exit from the company is now listed as the CEO OFFICE backstage, and there is a second office backstage featuring signage for “Paul Levesque.” All the old signage that would have featured Vince McMahon’s name is nowhere to be found.

The last time Vince McMahon’s name was mentioned on television was during Stephanie’s goodbye message on SmackDown after he announced his retirement. There was no mention of him during SummerSlam. He didn’t even appear during the highlights of Pat McAfee’s match at WrestleMania earlier this year, despite Vince playing a massive role in that.

It was reported that age and memory issues led Vince to forget segments that had been finished a week or two earlier. The creative writers in WWE had to filter McMahon as he often called people by their wrong name and used insensitive and offensive language. Those involved in the creative process admitted that Vince had trouble establishing long-term storylines because of these issues.

As for Triple H, the new head of creative has said that he does not intend to fill Vince’s shoes. Instead, he wants to focus on taking the company to new heights.