Aliyah Breaks The Rock’s WWE Record During Singles Debut

Aliyah The Rock

Aliyah shocked the world during her singles debut on SmackDown on Friday night as she shattered a 23-year-old record held by The Rock for the quickest win.

Aliyah was previously a member of the NXT roster before the 2021 WWE Draft sent the Canadian star to ply her trade on SmackDown. Aliyah made two appearances in the ring in November on SmackDown, both in tag team bouts, and had to wait another two months before her singles debut on the show. But, for Aliyah, it was worth the wait.

The star had to contend with former SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya boasting backstage about how she is a three-time Guinness World Record holder, but after Aliyah faced the third-generation star, the rookie has a record of her own.

Aliyah shocked The Queen Of Harts and the world when she picked up a victory over Natalya in just 3.17 seconds after apparently feigning injury before the match began. The lightning-quick victory smashes a record held by The Rock, who defeated the Big Boss Man in 4 seconds at Survivor Series 1998.

While Chris Jericho and Jerry Lawler are credited with a 3-second on-the-dot win over Taz and Naked Mideon, Aliyah’s record stands as the quickest victory in a WWE one-on-one match ever.

The Rock’s win over Boss Man at Survivor Series 1998 came as part of the Deadly Game Tournament to crown a new WWF Champion. Triple H was originally meant to face The Rock in the tournament before he was replaced by Vince McMahon’s henchman The Big Boss Man.

Rock wasted no time in getting through the first of four matches for The Great One that night as he almost instantly small packaged Boss Man for the win. By the end of the night, the sudden victory suddenly seemed tainted as The Rock won the WWF Title as part of a master plan by Vince McMahon and The Corporation was born.