Alexander Wolfe Pays Tribute To “Bundle Of Joy” Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross

Alexander Wolfe has opened up about his friendship with best friend Nikki Cross, calling the RAW Superstars a “bundle of joy” while reminiscing about their SAnitY days.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy just two days after news of his WWE exit broke, Axel Tischer – formerly Alexander Wolfe – paid tribute to his friend.

“Yeah. Sister from another mister. Yeah, she’s one of my best friends for sure. One of the most generous and realest people I know in this fake business. And fake business… We all know it’s show and I still love it because it’s 100% athlete stuff and sports entertainment but, in this business, you have a lot of fake people. They smile to your face and they want to kind of stab you with a knife in the back. That’s how it is, I think, in life in general.”

Tischer paid tribute to the “awesome performer and even better person” Nikki Cross is.

“She is, since day one, one of the nicest people in my life and also one of my best friends. Such an awesome performer and an even better person.”

Tischer noted that he’s sure he’ll stay in touch with both Cross and her husband Killian Dain even when he moves back to Germany.

“I do not want to miss her as a friend. So even, when I go back to Germany, I’m sure… Because she’s married with one of my best friends as well. So basically both were a big part of my career here and I really had so much fun times with her on tour, and touring together, traveling in the car – even before Killian Dain got signed by WWE and, yeah, it’s always fun to be around her. Bundle of joy.”

Cross herself also responded to the quotes from Alexander Wolfe when shared from our original interview.

“Yeah. Sister from another mister” All these kind words from @axeman3016 made me tear up. The guy was amazing to me from my first day! I know how much he means to Damo too! Love him and his family. There’s always time for cold brew coffee and vegan donuts

Our full interview with Axel Tischer, formerly known as Alexander Wolfe, is available to read here – where we discussed SAnitY’s run on SmackDown and why it didn’t go as planned and WALTER’s insistence not to move to the United States, among other things.

Meanwhile, you can follow Axel Tischer on Twitter here and book a Cameo from him here. Thanks to Axel for taking the time!