Alexa Bliss Responds To Fan Who Misses Old Character

Alexa Bliss in the ring.

Alexa Bliss misses her old character.

Former RAW Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss recently responded to a fan’s comment about how they miss her old on-screen persona.

Bliss responded to the fan’s comment on Twitter, saying that she echoes their sentiments:

“Me too 🖤,” Bliss simply stated.

Bliss, of course, is referring to her ‘Fiendess’ character that she portrayed during ‘The Fiend’, Bray Wyatt’s most recent run in WWE. Previously, Bliss was nicknamed ‘Little Miss Bliss’ and fans referred to her as honoring the Harley Quinn character from ‘The Suicide Squad’ films.

Following Wyatt’s 2021 release from the company, Bliss continued her ‘darker’ moniker, coupled with the infamous Lily doll. However, upon her most recent on-screen return, earlier this year, Bliss has reformed to nearly her entire old ‘Little Miss Bliss’ self.

The former RAW Women’s Champion recently confirmed who came up with the original ‘Alexa’s Playground’ idea and more information on just who that is, can be found by clicking here.