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Alexa Bliss Announces New Name, New Frame Of Mind

Alexa Bliss

After her wedding on April 9th, Alexa Bliss declared that she has a new name and a new frame of mind.

Alexa Bliss, whose real name was Lexi Kauffman before her wedding to long time partner Ryan Cabrera, took to social media to announce that she’s taken on her husband’s name and has a new frame of mind going forward.

“New name. New frame of mind. #Cabrera”

Bliss and Cabrera, who have been engaged since November 2020, exchanged vows in a ceremony at Kempa Villa in Palm Desert, California on April 9th.

The wedding was a non-traditional affair where guests – who had been instructed to think about “what Harry Styles would wear” for the dress code – were greeted with a giant “Welcome to the s**t show” sign and hot pink carpet to walk down.

The wedding even featured musical performances from famous guests who were friends of the happy couple, and Alexa Bliss herself danced onstage with members of NSYNC during the reception.

Alexa Bliss hasn’t been seen on WWE television since competing inside the Elimination Chamber in the event of the same name in February. That bout was Bliss’ first since September 2021 after being defeated by Charlotte Flair.

In the weeks leading up to Elimination Chamber, the former Raw Women’s Champion returned to WWE television where she appeared in a number of backstage ‘therapy sessions’ in an effort to control her anger.

While part of Bliss’ absence can be attributed to her recent wedding and subsequent honeymoon, a new report has suggested that there is more to the story than meets the eye, as Bliss was reported frustrated with her role and direction in WWE.