Alexa Bliss Mourns The Loss Of Her Pet Pig, Larry-Steve

Alexa Bliss Larry Steve

Alexa Bliss has paid tribute to her prized pig Larry-Steve on social media after her beloved animal tragically passed away.

Bliss had taken to Instagram earlier in the week putting a plea out for a vet to examine Larry-Steve as he was struggling with illness. Bliss wrote:

“Anyone know an emergency vet that will specifically treat pigs? Larry is very ill, can’t move or walk. In a lot of pain. His usual pig vet said she is not comfortable treating him in his current condition. Most vets are not comfortable treating pigs. If anyone knows of a pig vet please let me know.”

Sadly there was no happy ending to this saga as Bliss followed up with a new post saying:

“On The day before his 4th birthday. 💔 This morning Larry-Steve gained his Angel wings. 🐽 I’m so sorry we couldn’t find you the help you needed in time. Some people didn’t understand. But I want you to know Larry, YOUR LIFE MATTERED. 🐽🖤we are completely heartbroken.”

Earlier this year TMZ Sports caught up with Alexa Bliss where she talked about having a pig as a pet, saying the animals can live up to 25 years so they’re a real commitment to keep one. Bliss added that Larry-Steve was a vegan and loved nothing more than carrots. She also likened Larry-Steve to a 4 year old child, saying he demanded to be fed at the same time every day.

Losing any kind of pet can be devastating so everyone at Inside The Ropes sends their best wishes to Alexa Bliss at this tough time.