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Alexa Bliss Locks Twitter Account Following Fan Backlash


On Monday evening, WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss was forced to lock her Twitter account following a flood of abusive comments.

The furore began with ‘Little Miss Bliss’ Tweeting her reaction to the storyline featuring Alayah Mysterio and Buddy Murphy on Monday Night Raw. After Seth Rollins unveiled secret text messages between the twosome live on air, Bliss tweeted:

“Honestly, I don’t blame him lol. #ShootYourShotBud”

The tweet was later deleted.

The flood gates of criticism then opened and poured forth on the star who was shot down by fans for seemingly endorsing a relationship between a nineteen year old woman and a thirty two year old man.

In response to her haters, Alexa tweeted the following:

This was followed by two further tweets from Bliss. One stated that she was the bad guy for trying to support her ex-partner, while the other was in her defence of not knowing Alayah Mysterio’s age.

Finally, before locking her account, Alexa Bliss responded to a fan who told the star to get a life or a hobby because what she was arguing about was only a storyline. The original Tweet and Alexa’s response can be seen below.

Alexa, who is currently going through an image change and storyline with ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, locked her Twitter account once before back in June of this year. She proceeded to take a break from Twitter in order to focus on her mental health.