Alexa Bliss Hits Out At Independent Contractor Criticism

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Alexa Bliss has spoke out at the criticism WWE and it’s talent have faced being labelled independent contractors.

Appearing on the Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend YouTube channel for an informal chat, ‘Little Miss Bliss’ was questioned about the status of WWE Superstars and asked her to comment on the fact that they were labelled independent contractors instead of official employees.

It seemed a subject close to Bliss’ heart as she vehemently defended her employer and stated in no uncertain terms that WWE takes care of its talent and everyone on the roster is on some type of contract:

“WWE takes care of us 100 percent. We are all in a contract, and anything that happens inside the ring, WWE takes care of. Our health is 100 percent a priority; our health and safety is 100 percent a priority in the company.

Unfortunately, we’re living in the middle of a cancel culture where people try to start rumors and make their assumptions of things, and there’s never been a time where I’ve ever felt uncomfortable about being in the ring, or have ever felt forced of being in the ring.

Even when I was injured, I had concussions, and Vince said, ‘Alright, well, we’re going to send you to the best specialists there are.’ And he did. I saw a concussion specialist and they went above and beyond to take care of me, and I know everyone feels that way.”

Currently, Alexa Bliss is involved in an exciting and intriguing storyline alongside ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt. On that feud and others she’s been involved in over the years, Bliss was asked how much input she and other WWE talent have in their tales and whether or not they’re allowed to turn down an idea management have already settled on:

“We have as much creative input now than ever. Two years ago, I did a body-shaming storyline with Nia Jax. Nia is six feet tall, and she is a Samoan girl, and she is muscular. She has a bigger frame than I have and we did a body-shaming angle, and that was our choice because we wanted to show that bullies never win. I was the one bullying her, and we are both are very big on body positivity.

We wanted to show that these things really happen in life. We’ve both gone through body image issues – I’ve gone through eating disorders. So when we were presented with this opportunity to do this bullying story and angle, we 100 percent jumped on it. This is a real issue. A lot of times real issues aren’t talked about, and we’re going to act out this real issue and show that when she takes the title from me at WrestleMania that bullies never win. That was our whole goal, and that was our favorite storyline we’ve ever done. We used real examples, real things, because we felt really passionate about that. That’s how our storylines work.”

While it is currently unknown where the tale with Wyatt is going, Bliss seems to be having alongside her new on-screen beau as he once again eyes the WWE Championship.

Credit for the interview: Alison Is Your New Best Friend

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.