Alexa Bliss & Fiancé Ryan Cabrera Get Tattoos Representing Each Other

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss and fiancé Ryan Cabrera have celebrated their love for one another by getting tattoos representing each other.

Taking to her Instagram account, Little Miss Bliss posted on her Stories a photo of a caricature herself tattooed on musician Cabrera’s arm, and likewise of him on her arm – in her trademark white ink.

Bliss would also take to her Twitter account to share another photo of the tattoo, elaborating on the piece – saying:

“His lyrics, his handwriting, the way he wrote it. His self drawn picture lol aka@ the song he wrote and proposed to.”

Those lyrics etched on Bliss’ arm are:

“The way you love me,
Just the way I am,
Like I deserve it.”

Alexa Bliss would shortly thereafter make her Twitter account private, and the photos have a shelf life on Instagram due to the nature of IG Stories. The characteristic drawing of Bliss on Cabrera’s arm has her trademark pink pigtails, and crosses for eyes like on Bliss’ WWE merchandise. Bliss has several tattoos in white ink, and has openly discussed her affinity for tattoos and piercings.

The former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion got engaged to Ryan Cabrera in November one year into their relationship, sharing footage of the engagement on social media.