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Alexa Bliss Enters Herself In The Elimination Chamber Match

Alexa Bliss

After weeks of therapy on Monday Night Raw, Alexa Bliss has declared herself as the sixth entrant in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Alexa Bliss hasn’t competed since Extreme Rules in September of 2021, where she failed to gain the Raw Women’s Championship from Charlotte Flair. After their match, Charlotte ripped up Alexa’s “best friend,” a doll named Lilly who’d been accompanying Bliss on TV for months.

In January, a series of vignettes began to air after it was announced that Bliss would be beginning her journey back to Raw. The vignettes saw the former Women’s Champion in therapy, mourning the loss of her doll and learning to face life without Lilly. She also learned to control her anger.

In her final therapy session on the latest episode of Raw, her doctor declared that Alexa Bliss was “as cured as she’ll ever be.” He gave her a replica of Lilly that contained some of the stuffing from her original doll and sent her back into the world.

As she was leaving, Alexa mused in voiceover that there was still an open spot in the Elimination Chamber match on February 19th, saying “I know what I’m doing on Saturday.” The commentary team then confirmed that Bliss would be the sixth entrant in the match.

Alexa Bliss took to social media to comment on her appearance, asking if anyone else had Saturday plans.

Earlier in the night, Bianca Belair won a gauntlet match that earned her the advantage of entering the Elimination Chamber match last, meaning that she’ll have to compete for less time than her opponents. The winner of the Elimination Chamber will earn a Raw Women’s Championship match.