Alexa Bliss Comments On Missing Monday Night RAW

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has taken to social media to respond to concern from fans after she didn’t appear on the August 30th episode of Monday Night RAW.

At SummerSlam, Bliss took on and defeated Eva Marie with her doll Lilly keeping her now customary watching brief. On the following episode of RAW, Bliss appeared to move on from her feud with Marie by confronting Charlotte Flair.

The Queen regained her RAW Women’s Championship at SummerSlam and took to the ring on RAW to remind the world just how good she is. At the end of the segment, Bliss and Lilly appeared at the top the ramp to say hi, in typically weird and creepy fashion.

This led many fans to believe that Bliss might be Flair’s next challenger. However, on the following episode, Bliss was nowhere to be seen.

Responding to a concerned fan on Twitter, Alexa Bliss said that she was fine. She later added that she had been at the show.

In Bliss’ absence Charlotte Flair took on Nia Jax. It was a contest that descended into controversy as the two women appeared to come to blows during the match.

The build-up to the show was also reportedly somewhat chaotic with the script being ripped up several times.

Ahead of the show, WWE had announced three high-profile matches. These were Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus, The Miz vs. John Morrison and Eva Marie vs. Doudrop. By the time the show went off the air, none of the advertised matches had taken place. Although Doudrop and Eva Marie made it to the ring, the Scottish Superstar attacked Marie before the match could begin.

The report notes that August 30th was one of the longest days for the creative team with the script being ripped up multiple times. Vince McMahon then began requesting new ideas, some of which were reportedly better than others. The Chairman rejected every idea put to him before laying down the new plans himself.