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Alexa Bliss Calls Raw Fireball An “Eye For An Eye”

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Alexa Bliss has explained her shocking actions on the January 11 edition of Monday Night Raw with a cryptic social media post.

The latest edition of WWE flagship show saw several last minute changes to the line-up thanks to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre being diagnosed with COVID-19. Unable to make the planned main event with Randy Orton, the Scot was replaced by Triple H who began the show with a showdown with his old nemesis before the pair met in the main event.

However, everything didn’t go as planned for ‘The Viper’, when after a ringside brawl between both men, the former WWE Champion was confronted by Alex Bliss who then shot a fireball into the face of the man who burnt her Fiend to a crisp.

Now, Alexa has taken to Instagram to explain her actions with a picture of the incident and a simple phrase:

“An eye for an eye.”

Bliss was obviously referring to the finale of WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs on December 20, 2020, which ended with the former ‘Legend Killer’ dousing ‘The Fiend’ in gasoline and setting his body alight in the middle of the ring. The lasting image was of the entity burning as the show went off the air.

This isn’t the first dealing Alexa Bliss and Orton have had. The December 28 Monday Night Raw, came to a close with ‘Little Miss Bliss’ laying down for Randy in the middle of the ring and urging him to do the same to her. Though the episode came to a close with Orton lighting a match, it was revealed seven days later that he did not go through with the act.

While Randy Orton has been announced as a participant in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, speculation still runs rife that he will clash with a returning Bray Wyatt on January 31 prior to the elimination bout itself.