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Alexa Bliss Calls Charlotte Flair A “Narcissistic B*tch” On WWE RAW

Alexa Bliss & Charlotte Flair

With Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss set to meet at Extreme Rules, tensions between the pair went to a whole new level on Monday Night RAW.

Things started off calmly enough with Flair squaring off against Shayna Baszler. After an even contest, Flair eventually picked up the win after Nia Jax distracted Baszler getting revenge for when her partner cost her a match against Flair the previous week.

After the match, as Flair celebrated she was joined in the ring by Alexa Bliss holding a gift, along with her doll Lily. Things started out as normal as they can be with a wrestler who has supernatural tendencies, with Bliss offering Flair a gift for accepting the match at Extreme Rules.

The RAW Women’s Champion was initially resistant, saying that she “didn’t collect dolls, she collects championships.” After Bliss gently mocked Flair, she accepted the package and opened it to reveal ‘Charly.’ A Lilly-esque doll which looks like Charlotte Flair.

As Flair looked on suitably disgusted, Bliss explained that she and Lilly wanted to give Charlotte something to play with after she takes her title at Extreme Rules. The wicked witch of WWE mocked Flair some more adding that everyone deserves a friend, even a “narcissistic, self-absorbed b*tch like you!”

Firing back, Flair said that Bliss wouldn’t be taking her title before throwing the doll at her. The challenger attacked Flair, hitting a Code red to leave Flair laying.

In the clip posted on YouTube, the “narcissistic b*tch” portion of the dialogue has been edited out.

Later in the show, Flair was shown backstage throwing the doll in the trash.

In the show’s main event, Big E cashed in his Money In The Bank contract to defeat Bobby Lashley and claim the WWE Championship.

After Lashley survived a hard-fought bout against Randy Orton, he proceeded to lay out Riddle and put Orton through the announce table. However, in doing so he tweaked his knee. This brought out Big E who saw his opportunity and took it. After kicking out of a Spear the former Universal Champion, he hit the Big Ending to capture his first-ever World Championship.

The win sparked an outpouring of emotion not only from the man himself and The New Day but also the wider wrestling world. In the hours that followed wrestlers and personalities from all over the wrestling spectrum took to social media to pay tribute to the new champion.