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Alex Riley Discusses Having Heat With John Cena

John Cena

Former WWE Superstar Alex Riley has claimed that having heat with John Cena negatively impacted his career.

Riley’s journey with WWE began back in 2007 when he signed a developmental contract with Florida Championship Wrestling which would later become NXT. Following his run in FCW Riley appeared on the second season of NXT where he was aligned with The Miz.

At the time NXT served as a reality show more in line with Tough Enough rather than the black and gold phenomenon that it would later become. On the show the young stars were placed with mentors from WWE’s main roster.

Riley began featuring on the main roster in late 2010 before eventually becoming an announcer three years later. The former NXT Superstar briefly returned to the ring in 2015 before leaving WWE a year later.

It has been no secret that during his time in WWE, Riley and 16-time World Champion John Cena never really saw eye to eye.

Speaking with Sportskeeda’s Chris Featherstone, Riley who is now known as Kevin Kiley Jr, said that the heat between the two impacted his career. He added that it simply came down to two men not liking one another.

“I think it came down to, at the end, two men just not liking each other. As sad as that is, it had an impact on my career because he is who he is.”

Riley continued by explaining that he remains unaware of his former mentor Miz’ reaction to the issues as he’s never wanted to find out.

“So, I have no knowledge of what [The Miz] has said or not said. If you guys want to make me aware… so I don’t really, like, I do my thing, and I don’t really Google my name. I don’t bother with it, you know what I mean? Plus I’m Kevin Kiley Jr. now, so really doesn’t matter. But I have no knowledge of what he said. If you guys want to tell me I can comment or I can just keep going.”

Speaking in a recent interview about The Miz, Riley called the former WWE Champion “one the best human beings I’ve ever met.”

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.