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Alex Reynolds Insists His Knockout Was A Work

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Dark Order member, Alex Reynolds, has admitted that the concussion and subsequent knockout he suffered at the hands of Private Party was a work.

On the October 21 AEW Dynamite, the world held their breath when when Alex Reynolds was nailed with Event Omega from the top rope and seemed to go limp in the middle of the ring. Seconds passed as the match carried on around him before The Blade dragged his lifeless body across the ring to get him out of dodge.

Though Reynolds did regain consciousness, his exit up the aisle was unsteady and caused a very concerned Cody Rhodes to come out and check on him.

The spot earned AEW much criticism from fans, especially as it came only weeks after Matt Hardy’s horrific concussion at AEW All Out, and even caused Tony Khan to announce that he was tightening medical procedures in order to lessen head trauma in matches.

However, Reynolds and partner John Silver joined the AEW Unrestricted Podcast to discuss the incident and surprisingly admit that it was a work – a very convincing one:

“I was lying in the middle of the ring, waiting for Private Party to hit Event Omega, which is a combination splash/leg drop off the top rope. And yeah, I got kind of rocked. It is what it is, but what many people online don’t know, or obviously because they weren’t in the situation [is], I wasn’t knocked out. I was awake the whole time, remembered everything, knew where I was, knew what was going on in the match.

I literally did like a self-check of myself like alright, fingers, toes, I knew I was like okay. The big thing everyone was complaining about was Pepper [Parks,] The Blade-like dragging me to the corner. That was all called. What people aren’t understanding is that I just took a double-team move, whether I got hurt or not, off the top rope in a four-way tag. So in order to win the match, you have to be legal. So Pepper just drags me to his corner so he can become legal and try to win the match. I was just laying there because I was selling this incredible [move] but I also was you know, I was rocked. But I was just kind of making sure I was okay. People sit back and watch it with the knowledge that I’m already hurt. So it’s like, ‘Well, they handled it wrong.’ No, They handled it perfectly, so thankfully I’m okay and cleared and ready to go.”

Alex Reynolds’ words contradicted the update he gave just days after the incident initially occurred. Taking to Twitter, Reynolds originally thanked fans for their support and concern and stated that accidents happened in the ring.

Credit for the interview: AEW Unrestricted

h/t for the transcription: Colin Tessier of WrestleZone