Aleister Black Reveals Incredible Easter Egg From WWE Vignettes

Aleister Black

Following his WWE release, Aleister Black has revealed an incredible Easter egg behind his vignettes – hinting that the character had “precognitive abilities” and was being shown glimpses of his future.

Taking to Instagram, Black – who seems to have reverted to his pre-WWE name of Tommy End – revealed how the lighting used in his promos was the colour of his upcoming opponent’s ring gear, with lights being used as he couldn’t always directly add words to his monologue to portray the idea of the future meeting the present.

Did you know:

-if you go back to the room promos the color of the lights were the color of my upcoming opponent’s gear? I did this because I liked the idea that Aleister Black had precognitive abilities in a sense that “destiny” showed him glimpses of the future.

I would also use certain words or sentences that would predict my opponents for the coming week(s). I couldn’t always change or influence what was said so I used the lights to accomplish this.

More to come.

Aleister Black was part of a shock batch of releases this week, alongside Braun Strowman, Ruby Riott, Lana, Buddy Murphy and Santana Garrett.

While Strowman was undoubtedly the most shocking name on that list having been featured prominently at WrestleMania and recently competing for the WWE Championship, Black’s release may have been equally surprising with the former NXT Champion recently returning to the company with a substantial amount of time, money and effort invested into the character’s resurrection.