Alan Angels Discusses His AEW Departure, When He Told Them He Wasn’t Re-Signing

Alan Angels

Former Dark Order member Alan Angels has opened up on why he made the decision not to re-sign with AEW, saying he had reached the limit of what he could achieve in the company.

On June 29th, Alan Angels allowed his AEW contract to expire. The former Dark Order member had signed with the company in mid-2020 after an impressive match against Kenny Omega.

Angels was offered a ‘per-appearance’ deal when his contract was coming to an end, but chose not to re-sign with the company.

During an appearance on the latest episode of Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast, Angels explained the decision, saying that he felt he had “reached the limit” of what he could achieve in AEW as this point in time.

“I was told that they weren’t going to renew my contract about 45 days before it was up and basically, they just weren’t gonna give me the same deal. They were gonna give me a per appearance deal if I wanted it.

“I figured that maybe I had reached the limit of where I could get here right now at this run in my career, this point in my career. I came into AEW as virtually a nobody. I’d wrestled maybe three years doing the Southeast.”

Alan Angels went on to discuss his position in The Dark Order, saying he he had become the “jobber” of the popular group and that would be a hard perception to shift.

“I built up a little bit of a following on the internet and stuff like that, but I feel like, there was a perception of me, and I know a lot of people hate this word, but like, I just kind of was the jobber of The Dark Order, the bottom guy on The Dark Order.

“I feel like when fans build up that perception of you, it’s kind of hard to change that if that makes sense.

“I think once that’s decided, once they get that, there’s no changing it unless like, you know, gradually you build up, build up, build up, but I feel like in AEW that would have taken a really long time.”

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