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AJPW Champion Carnival 2021: Primer And Results So Far

The 2021 AJPW Champion Carnival has started! The biggest annual singles tournament in All Japan Pro Wrestling’s calendar is in full swing.

Winning the tournament earns the winner a title match for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship. Winning a match earns a competitor two points, a draw earns them one point whilst a loss results in zero points. This year’s edition of the tournament will feature ten competitors.

Though only featuring a single table rather than the usual two blocks, the participants involved make this a stacked tournament. As revealed in February, the participants are as follows:

  • Jake Lee
  • Kento Miyahara
  • Kohei Sato
  • Koji Doi
  • Shinjiro Otani
  • Shotaro Ashino
  • Shuji Ishikawa
  • Suwama
  • Yuma Aoyagi
  • Zeus

Four of these men are formers winners of the illustrious tournament. They are Suwama (2008), Kento Miyahara (2019), Zeus (2020) and Shuji Ishikawa (2017). However, other competitors in the field boast an impressive résumé. As the inaugural WCW Cruiserweight Champion and a former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Shinjiro Otani has incredible experience. Many fans will remember his now iconic feuds with the likes of Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger and Ultimo Dragon.

32 year old Jake Lee, however, comes into the tournament with momentum on his side. As the leader of the new Total Eclipse faction, Lee could be set to blaze a path to his first Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship win. In a recent ten-man tag team elimination match, Total Eclipse defeated a team containing current Triple Crown holder Suwama.

However, anyone hoping to dethrone Suwama will have a huge task ahead of them. As the man that ended Kento Miyahara’s 519 day reign as on top of AJPW, Suwama has held the title himself for nearly 400 days in his current reign.

Results for the tournament so far can be found below. These will be updated after every Champion Carnival show.

Champion Carnival Night One (09/04/2021)

Kohei Sato (2) def. Suwama (0)

Zeus (2) def. Kento Miyahara (0)

Shinjiro Otani (2) def. Yuma Aoyagi (0)

Shuji Ishikawa (2) def. Koji Doi (0)

Jake Lee (2) def. Shotaro Ashino (0)

Champion Carnival Night Two (10/04/2021)

Yuma Aoyagi (2) def. Shotaro Ashino (0)

Koji Doi (2) def. Kohei Sato (2)

Zeus (4) def. Shuji Ishikawa (2)

Kento Miyahara (2) def. Shinjiro Otani (2)

Suwama (2) def. Jake Lee (2)

Champion Carnival Night Three (11/04/2021)

Jake Lee (4) def. Koji Doi (2)

Shuji Ishikawa (4) def. Yuma Aoyagi (2)

Shotaro Ashino (2) def. Kento Miyahara (2)

Zeus (6) def. Suwama (2)

Champion Carnival Night Four (17/04/2021)

Suwama (4) def. Koji Doi (2)

Yuma Aoyagi (4) def. Zeus (6)

Jake Lee (6) def. Shinjiro Otani (2)

Kohei Sato (4) def. Shotaro Ashino (2)

Champion Carnival Night Five (18/04/2021)

Kohei Sato (6) def. Zeus (6)

Yuma Aoyagi (6) def. Jake Lee (6)

Shinjiro Otani (4) def. Shuji Ishikawa (4)

Kento Miyahara (4) def. Koji Doi (2)

Champion Carnival Night Six (24/04/2021)

Suwama (6) def. Yuma Aoyagi (6)

Kento Miyahara (6) def. Kohei Sato (6)

Shotaro Ashino (4) def. Shuji Ishikawa (4)

Koji Doi (2) vs. Shinjiro Otani (4) ended in a double count out

Champion Carnival Night Seven (25/04/2021)

Kento Miyahara (8) def. Suwama (6)

Jake Lee (8) def. Zeus (6)

Kohei Sato (8) def. Shuji Ishikawa (4)

Shotaro Ashino (6) def. Shinjiro Otani (4)

Champion Carnival Night Eight (28/04/2021)

Suwama (8) def. Shinjiro Otani (4)

Zeus (8) def. Shotaro Ashino (6)

Shuji Ishikawa (6) def. Kento Miyahara (8)

Jake Lee (10) def. Kohei Sato (8)

Yuma Aoyagi (8) def. Koji Doi (2)

Champion Carnival Night Nine (29/04/2021)

Suwama (10) def. Shotaro Ashino (6)

Zeus (10) vs Koji Doi (2) ended in a double count-out

Kento Miyahara (10) def. Yuma Aoyagi (8)

Shuji Ishikawa (8) def. Jake Lee (10)

Kohei Sato (10) def. Shinjiro Otani (4) via forfeit due to injury

Champion Carnival Night Ten (03/05/2021)

Shuji Ishikawa (10) def. Suwama (10)

Zeus (10) def. Shinjiro Otani (4) via forfeit due to injury

Jake Lee (12) def. Kento Miyahara (10)

Yuma Aoyagi (10) def. Kohei Sato (10)

Shotaro Ashino (8) def. Koji Doi (2)

The 2021 Champion Carnival can be watched on AJPW.TV. New users can sign up to the platform for 900 Yen per month.