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AJ Styles Warns Edge & Reveals Raw Return Date

AJ Styles Thumb

After being sidelined in recent weeks after Edge’s brutal beatdown, AJ Styles revealed when he’s returning to Monday Night Raw and sent a warning to his attacker.

After months of making it clear that he wanted to face the Rated R Superstar at WrestleMania, AJ Styles answered the Hall of Famer’s open challenge on the February 28th episode of Monday Night Raw. However, Styles found himself on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown after answering the challenge, and has been off television with a storyline injury ever since.

On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Edge made his way to address AJ Styles once more. Instead of his familiar Metalingus entrance music, he was accompanied by a darker, unfamiliar theme.

The Rated R Superstar then got on the microphone and said that his brain has been working at a higher level in the past couple of weeks, and declared that he’s better than everyone in the entire wrestling industry. However, he said that he hasn’t shown that aptitude since coming back to the WWE two years ago.

“In trying to appease all of you, I took my eye off the prize, allowing a man like Randy Orton to tear my triceps from the bone. Allowing Seth Rollins to cost me the Universal Championship, walk into my home, and piss all over my territory. Allowing the Aquaman cosplayer Roman Reigns, a man who can’t lace my boots, to stack pin me at WrestleMania.

“And if that Edge faced AJ Styles at WrestleMania then AJ Styles would leave that Edge in the dust. But that Edge… that Edge is dead, baby.”

He went on to say that he now sits on a mountain of omnipotence and won’t be judged by anyone; he made it clear that if AJ Styles makes it to WrestleMania, then he will be judged.

AJ Styles took to social media to respond to Edge’s promo, sending a warning to the Hall of Famer and revealing that he’ll be returning to Monday Night Raw next week.

“Exercise judgement? Grant mercy? Sitting on a mountain of omnipotence? I don’t know where you got this garbage but one thing I will grant YOU … is fair warning. I’m coming back to #WWERawnext week and you better prepare yourself…stupid haircut, dramatic lighting, and all.”

Styles wasn’t the only one to take notice of Edge’s promo on Raw as his wife Beth Phoenix also took to social media to respond to his shift in attitude.