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AJ Styles Speaks On His Favourite Matches

AJ Styles vs. John Cena Royal Rumble

AJ Styles has had a two decade career spanning multiple promotions. In that time he has had a plethora of memorable matches, from his battles with Samoa Joe in TNA to the acclaimed Boneyard Match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36. Now, in an interview with Bleacher Report, he has revealed some of his favourite bouts.

“I’ve had so many that I’m proud of. Whether it be with John Cena at the Royal Rumble, so many matches like that where you go, ‘Wow.’ We didn’t go outside the ring. We didn’t hit the floor. We stayed in the ring.

Thinking back further to his time in NJPW and TNA, the ‘Phenomenal One’ recalled more standout matches.

“There was a match [Hiroshi] Tanahashi and myself had to see who would go into the finals, and it was so great. There was something about it with him being so great at what he does.

“Even the Triple Threat I had with Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe in TNA. There’s so many matches like that throughout my career like, ‘Woah, that was big.'”

The former WWE Champion finished off by saying that there are still more great matches in his future.

“But we’re not done yet. There’s still some matches that can be done that I’m excited to have as well.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Styles discussed when he might retire. The full interview is available on the Bleacher Report website.

WWE Untold: AJ Styles’ Royal Rumble Debut will be available on the WWE Network on Sunday.