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AJ Styles Says He “Learned So Much From John Cena”

AJ Styles John Cena

AJ Styles had already conquered much of the wrestling world when he entered the WWE Universe in 2016, but the former WWE Champion says he still had a lot to learn from one of his biggest rivals in WWE, John Cena.

Styles famously made his WWE debut as the number three entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble match. The Phenomenal One had made his name in TNA where he was a five-time world champion. His stock rose even higher after he joined New Japan Pro Wrestling and leading Bullet Club. Styles won the IWGP Heavyweight Title during his time in Japan defeating NJPW icons Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi to begin his reigns respectively.

With someone with that wealth of experience, many might assume there was nothing left for AJ Styles to learn in the world of professional wrestling. However, in an appearance on the After The Bell podcast, ‘The Champ That Runs The Camp’ explains why nothing could be further from the truth.

Styles explained:

“It’s a job most of us should have after 20 years of being in the business. Just help the younger talent, just like the older talent has helped me. We can go back to Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels, John Cena. I know it’s crazy for me to say John Cena, but I learned so much from that guy. It’s only right that I pass down the knowledge I’ve had to Omos, who can and will be a huge superstar in the WWE.”

Styles then continued talking about his current tag team partner Omos, and it says that it’s good that the giant star is getting his break in wrestling in WWE:

“I have experience all over the world. The experience I’ve had in the independents, Japan, and the States, it’s a little different than the WWE experience. I can’t imagine guys like Kurt Angle who started in the WWE and learned so quickly to be the best I’ve ever seen. That’s the good thing about Omos. He’s starting in the WWE. It’s not just a body slam. You have to know where the cameras are. Little things like that, that I had to learn on the fly because I hadn’t experienced it before. There’s always a lot to learn and you never stop learning. Even though I’m trying to pass knowledge down, I’m still getting it every time I step in the ring.”

AJ Styles then talked about Omos’ in-ring debut which came on ‘The Grandest Stage Of Them All’ at WrestleMania 37. The mighty Omos single-handedly decimated The New Day to win the Raw Tag Team Championship for himself and Styles. For Styles, any pre-match worries that Omos wasn’t going to do well or get the desired reaction soon fell away.

Styles said:

“I was worried about him. It’s about the little things that make you look like a superstar. He did great. When he was making the comeback, I was feeling it. He did well and continues to do well. They were chanting for him and wanted to see what he was going to do. I knew that when I made the tag, there was going to be a rumble coming.”

AJ Styles and Omos might have more worries going forward on Raw after the Viking Raiders won a battle royal recently to cement their place as number one contenders for the Raw Tag Team Title.

Credit: After The Bell

h/t Fightful for the transcription