Reason AJ Styles Was Bleeding At WrestleMania Revealed [Video]

Edge AJ Styles

AJ Styles’ face was visibly bleeding before his WrestleMania 38 match with Edge even began, and fan footage revealed the moment the cut happened!

The build to Edge vs. AJ Styles began on the February 28th episode of Monday Night Raw when Edge issued an open challenge for a WrestleMania 38 opponent and AJ Styles answered the call. The Rated R Superstar said he wanted the bulldog AJ Styles and not the AJ Styles whose been playing “tag team bitch” for the last year. Styles was less than impressed with his rival, but as they teased a handshake, Edge launched into a full scale assault.

While the Phenomenal One briefly fought back, Edge was in full control, beating down Styles and setting him up for the Con-Chair-To. Although it initially looked like he might not be able to follow through with his plan, Edge went to that dark place he knows so well, not once, but twice, crushing Styles’ head with a steel chair. Styles was off television until the go-home episode of Raw, where he addressed Edge in a promo.

Fast forward to WrestleMania 38, and AJ Styles had a cut to the face before the two men even began to fight. While initial reports indicated that Styles’ pyro may have hit his face, a video from a fan in the crowd shows that he actually bumped his head while entering through the star-shaped structure atop the ramp.

AJ Styles didn’t let the injury stop him from going toe to toe with the WWE Hall of Famer, and they went back and forth with plenty of nearfalls. As Styles was going to attempt a second Phenomenal Forearm, Damian Priest appeared at ringside and provided a distraction that allowed Edge to pick up the victory following a spear. After a brief staredown, Priest joined forces with Edge, indicating that the two of them are now in an alliance going forward.