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AJ Styles – “The Best Heel In The Business Is The Miz”

The Miz & AJ Styles segment

AJ Styles has heaped praise on The Miz describing the former WWE Champion as the best heel in the business.

Over the course of his lengthy career, AJ Styles has performed as a babyface, a heel and every shade of grey in between.

Up until recently, Styles was firmly on the dark side, teaming with the giant Omos terrorising the tag team division on Monday Night Raw. However, after the pair split, Styles returned to being a fan favourite while entering a feud with young upstart Grayson Waller on NXT 2.0.

Speaking on the Out of Character podcast, Styles discussed his NXT rival, comparing him to The Miz.

“You wanna hate [Waller],” said Styles. “He reminds me of The Miz. In my opinion, I don’t care what anybody says, the best heel in the business is The Miz. He’s so good, and I tell him often that, ‘Man, you’re great. You’re so good. Nobody better.’ And I believe that.”

Expanding further, Styles explained that The Miz is so effective as a heel because he embraces wanting fans hate him.

“To me, there’s no one who understands what a heel’s supposed to be like [better] than The Miz,” said Styles. “…That’s what I wanted to be. I’m just not as good as him. That’s what I wanna be, and that’s what heels should wanna be, they should not wanna be liked. They should wanna be spit on and all this stuff.”

“That’s what we should strive for because with that emotion that you bring as a heel, [it] just makes whoever you’re working that much better. When you got a heel and you got a babyface, it’s easy. When you got a great storyline, it’s easy, everything’s gonna work out.”

Now that he has returned to the singles ranks AJ Styles will be challenging for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber on February 19th. The Phenomenal One won his way into the match with a win over Rey Mysterio.

Meanwhile on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw he put himself into contention for more championship gold, with a win over United States Champion Damian Priest.

H/t to WrestleZone for the transcription.