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AJ Lee Reacts To Stunning AEW Debut Of CM Punk

AJ Lee

On August 20th, CM Punk completed one of the most incredible wrestling comeback’s of all time by debuting with AEW on Rampage.

As the show opened, Punk emerged from the backstage area with ‘Cult Of Personality’ reverberating around the United Center in Chicago. The roar was deafening, grown men were brought to tears and the man himself was genuinely moved by the reaction in his home town.

In homage to Chicago’s most famous adopted son Michael Jordan, AEW’s press release simply read:

“I’m Back.”

As Punk’s name trended worldwide on social media, his wife AJ Lee took to Twitter to react to the stunning debut. Sharing press tweets about her husband, Lee wrote “Go on, break the internet boo.”

After the show, CM Punk and Tony Khan appeared on a media call to address the evening’s historic events.

Speaking to the media, AEW President Khan said Punk’s deal wasn’t a “part-time or short-term thing.” Khan added, “This is a ‘full-time and we’re very excited’ type of thing.”

On the show itself Punk opened maybe the most anticipated promo in recent memory by saying that the crowd sure know how to make a man feel like he’s Britt Baker in Pittsburgh. The hometown boy then thanked the fans, saying that he heard their chants for seven long years. But he said he had to leave WWE because he was “never going to get healthy in the same place that got him sick in the first place.”

Sitting cross-legged reminiscent of his legendary pipe bomb promo, Punk recalled leaving Ring Of Honor in 2005. The Chicago native said that he left ROH with tears in his eyes because on August 15th 2005, he knew he was leaving professional wrestling. However, on August 20th 2021, he’s back.

The former WWE Champion continued, saying that he was back to work with the young talent who have the same passion he had stamped out of him. At this point, Punk switched tact and turned his attention to Darby Allin and Sting watching from the rafters. He praised Allin for being tough, before saying that “there’s nothing more dangerous you can do than wrestle CM Punk. Except wrestle CM Punk in Chicago.”

The home town hero came home. CM Punk is All Elite.

On September 5th, CM Punk will face Darby Allin at AEW All Out.