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AJ Lee On What CM Punk’s AEW Run Means For Her Own In-Ring Future

AJ Lee

Speaking in a new interview, AJ Lee has commented on the impact of her husband CM Punk’s in-ring return on her own her own potential comeback.

Former WWE Superstar and Divas Champion, AJ Lee hasn’t wrestled since April 2015. In fact, the star remained away from wrestling altogether until assuming a role as Executive Producer with WOW in October 2021.

However, despite admitting she’s happily retired, she has always refused to rule out an in-ring return. Furthermore, CM Punk spent many years saying he would never wrestle again, before signing with AEW in August 2021.

This, coupled with recent phots shared by Lee showing off her incredible physique as she works with WOW, has led to speculation that she might be gearing up for a comeback.

During a new interview with Renee Paquette on The Sessions, the star commented on her husband’s own in-ring return, and why it didn’t spark her own interest in getting back in the ring.

“The conversation was a conversation that was way longer than people knew, with many things happening in the universe. There were many options. It was a very long time of, ‘what’s the right route? What’s the safest route? What does it look like?’ It was something I was scared of, just seeing what would emotionally happen. That was more or less for his stuff. To me, I retired and I retired,”

“I always say, ‘never say never, but don’t hold your breath’ and everyone holds on to the ‘never say never.’ [laughing] Don’t hold your breath, you’re going to die. I just wanted him to be emotionally safe and protected. That’s been the coolest thing about his experience. It feels like he’s always in a safe space and has a good group of people around him in AEW, that makes me very happy. There was a lot of ‘Let’s go!’ To me, that didn’t spark anything in me, but the combination of wrestling and writing, wrestling and producing, that was more comfortable and more exciting because it was a challenge.

“I always felt great about the timing of when I retired. You never want to be the last girl at the party, you want to go out on top. Everything felt so perfect and tied up in a bow. I know his experience is different. To me, I didn’t want him, or me with WOW, anything to feel like you were the person going back to hang out with high school kids. I was hoping it wasn’t that and it seems to not be.”

AJ Lee signed with WWE in 2009 after impressing during a try-out. She remained with the company for six years ending her run as a three-time Divas Champion.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.