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AJ Francis Claims People In AEW Don’t Like Him

Top Dolla - AJ Francis

AJ Francis, known as Top Dolla in WWE has claimed that AEW fans and people within the company itself don’t like him.

After a stint in the NFL, latterly with the New York Giants, former nose tackle AJ Francis signed for WWE in January 2020. Known as Top Dolla, Francis made his television debut a little over a year later aligning with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in NXT.

This new allegiance led to the formation of Hit Row, with the pair being joined by Ashante “Thee” Adonis, and B-Fab. In the months that followed, the new faction earned plaudits for their performances and were drafted to Friday Night SmackDown as part of the WWE Draft in October.

A series of vignettes hyped the arrival of the group on the blue brand, but things quickly fell apart. B-Fab was released on November 4th, while the rest of the faction including Top Dolla were released two weeks later.

During his time in NXT, Francis became engaged in a Twitter spat with the Young Bucks over sneakers. The Bucks later changed their Twitter bio in an effort to get at the star.

During an appearance on the Public Enemies Podcast, the former NXT star recalled the online scuffle, saying that AEW fans and people in the company don’t like him as a result.

“When that happened, they did the thing with their Twitter bio,” he said. “At first, they sh*t on NXT, and I wasn’t on NXT anymore, so I laughed. I was like, ‘alright, that’s a good joke, they got a good joke in.’ Then I woke up the next morning and saw they changed it to be a joke about me. And I am not the butt of nobody’s joke. Period. They said, ‘well if we mention you here, we will make you trend.’ Huh, okay, well then I made them trend.

“And because of that, AEW fans hate me, people that work there don’t like me. People always got slick things to say about me, and I don’t care. Because I know for a fact that all these people with all these little slick remarks. Internet cornballs or wrestlers alike if they saw me in person, they wouldn’t like that.”

Francis added that although the spat is now firmly in the past, he hasn’t forgotten how those around the situation reacted.

“Just know, my memory is long, and I am going to be booked on a lot of different shows,” he claimed. “When I see you, if you said some wild sh*t, you gotta stand on that. I am just being completely honest with you. And to be completely honest with you, I also am all for non-violence. We don’t gotta take it there. But what I am going to do, is ask you why you said what you said.”

The man formerly known as Top Dolla further explained that he initially didn’t even realise that people were mocking the Young Bucks’ choice of footwear.

“The crazy thing is, I didn’t even know at the time that people were making fun of them about that. I didn’t even know that,” he stressed. “Like, I didn’t even know that at the time. I really didn’t even know that until my mentions blew up about it. Then I was like, ‘oh, that makes sense why that happened.’ But, I have multiple other songs already recorded with music videos to go. So, please be careful what you say about me.”

It has recently been announced that Hit Row will reunite on March 19th for the first time since being released by WWE.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.