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AJ Francis On FOX Exec Spoiling Their Main Roster Call-Up

Top Dolla - AJ Francis

AJ Francis has revealed that a FOX executive accidentally spoiled his main roster call-up before WWE confirmed the move.

On the May 4th 2021 episode of NXT, AJ Francis made his WWE debut aligning with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (Swerve Strickland) Ashante “Thee” Adonis and B-Fab. The following week, the group were introduced as Hit Row.

The faction went from strength to strength on WWE’s third brand before being moved to the main roster as part of the Draft in October. However, despite many fans and former wrestlers predicting big things for the group, all four members were gone from the company by November 18th.

Speaking in a new interview with Fightful, via Fightful Select, Francis, who was known as Top Dolla revealed the circumstances behind Hit Row’s arrival on the main roster.

Francis explained that while at SmackDown he went up to Johnny Ace, [John Laurinaitis] and asked why he hadn’t been booked in a dark match. This apparently went down well with the Head of Talent Relations, who booked him in a match in October. Two days before the dark match, Hit Row were all booked for travel, leading him to assume the group was being called up.

However, he wasn’t sure until a FOX executive accidentally informed him it was happening. The executive said that the writing team would be in touch as the faction were known to write their own material. At this point, this was the first confirmation that the group had received over the call-up. The unnamed executive also asked them to “kayfabe it” after realising they had spilled the beans by accident.

During the interview with Fightful, AJ Francis also revealed that he only spoke to Vince McMahon three times, although he was “pleasant” in all of the interactions.