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Aiden English Speaks On Gotch vs Enzo And A Feud With Brodie Lee

Aiden English

Speaking on Wrestling With Awareness, Matt Rehwoldt (aka Aiden English) opened up on the Simon Gotch and Enzo Amore feud, and revealed plans he had to feud himself with Brodie Lee.

WWA host Vikram was talking to Matt about the supposed heat between ‘nZo’ and Simon Gotch. Asking whether it was something he knew about at the time or had to deal with when feuding on-screen with Enzo and Cass?

I mean, no it’s no secret, I mean, yeah, they didn’t get along. Was it some like blood feud? No. They just had, you know, nZo is the consummate loudmouth kind of entertainer, and I think he would tell you that himself. He, he talks the freaking talk, he’s all, all personality, and all that stuff.

Simon, is, is, as I said before, he’s the wrestler’s wrestler, he’s all about technical, and everything like that, so immediately there’s a clash there, and just, their personalities, yeah, they never got along. They weren’t throwing fists or anything backstage, we were able to have some pretty actually darn good matches with them, especially on like, a lot of the NXT road shows, house show loops, and stuff like that.

We had a lot of fun with them, but, but yeah those guys were not the best of buddies outside the ring.

Interestingly, ‘The Drama King’ goes on to discuss potential feud that he and Brodie Lee (then Luke Harper) were planning backstage under the nose of WWE creative team. It’s something that unfortunately never came to fruition, but English opens up about what the plans were going to be.

So, we were trying to get a on tv rivalry going actually, for a while in the summer of 2017. To the point, where we kind of like, just made the social media team post stuff about us, even though no creative had given us, like the go ahead that anything was happening.

Like at house shows, because we were wrestling at house shows, and having a lot of fun. And so like, we did this thing where I was kind of like stalking him, and like, I thought like-we’d get pictures of me like, following him on his ring entrance with him not noticing, or anything, and like, we did tv in Rochester, which is his hometown, and like, they filmed us backstage, and like, I took a picture of me burning like, the Rochester Times with his picture on it, like “Homecoming” it was, like all this goofy stuff, and like, we even filmed like, a .com segment, where like, I kind of confronted him very briefly.

But they just, they never went with it, but I don’t know why because silly things like that happen all the time.

After 8 years in WWE, the former NXT Tag Champion would be released during the mass-cuts that took place in April 2020. Since, Matt has found success on Twitch & YouTube under his real name as Drama King Matt.