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Aiden English “Absolutely” Would Sign For AEW

Aiden English

In a recent interview on Wrestling With Awareness, Matt Rehwoldt (aka Aiden English) discussed potentially signing with AEW, reuniting with Miro, and much more.

Host Vikram Prasher went straight into things asking Matt about the possibility of following some of his close friends and signing with AEW. Matt doesn’t hide his excitement at the prospect.

Oh my god, I mean, absolutely. I love what they’ve done, and I know, many of my friends, as we’ve seen, former colleagues, and friends, have gone there, and in speaking with them. The thing that matters most to me, as a talent, besides, “hey, alright they are putting on a good product that’s great.”… I talked to my friends.

And again I want to emphasize… friends. I hear nothing but amazingly positive things, for the atmosphere, the upper management, behind the scenes, like everyone pretty much, just flat out, across the board is like, “dude it’s a great working environment, great people, etcetera” so that’s the thing, when I hear that from people, I love and respect, that’s what resonates most with me, as a talent.

So, I mean, if the opportunity is there, and you know, they’re interested, and we have something we can do together, abso-freaking-lutely!

The former NXT Tag Champion goes on to discuss potential reunions, from former WWE Superstar Rusev (now called Miro) to a renewed ‘Vaudvillans 2.0’. Looking to the future he reveals that what would be best for all parties would be to start something fresh, new. The success Matt had in WWE with “Miro Day” and “The Vaudvillans” is best left in the past.

People always ask about reunions, and to be fair, I don’t know if I would want a reunion with Miro, per se. Because no matter what you do, it will feel, unless you have the greatest idea in the world, you risk really trying to rehash something that was successful before.

And you’re using another company’s idea, in an essence. So, if the opportunity is right, and to maybe in a different capacity, I don’t want to try to make, “Miro Day”, I don’t want to do, “the Vaudevillians 2.0” you know what I mean? If we were to get together, and create something new, and you know, hey, we can play off the story of our previous relationships, in either of those cases, great.

But it has to be done right, that’s the one thing I always want to emphasize to people, build new, don’t live in the past, always be pushing yourself forward, and create something new, and better.

Signing with WWE in 2012, His ‘Aiden English’ persona would go on to have 8 years in the company, from FCW, to NXT, and a main roster run on both RAW & SmackDown. He’s known best for his 3 years alongside Simon Gotch as one half of the Vaudvillans, and the nearly 2 year tenure alongside Rusev (most notably English was one of the key drivers in the success of “Rusev Day”).

After taking up commentary positions on both 205 Live and SmackDown, ‘The Drama King’ would be released from WWE during the mass-cuts that took place in April 2020. Since, Matt has found success as a Twitch Streamer with over 6,000 followers on his channel and also has a great YouTube channel ‘Wrestling With Whiskey’ where he takes his viewers (including me) on a journey through bourbon.