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Ahmed Johnson Accuses Shawn Michaels Of Holding Him Back Due To His Race

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Ahmed Johnson has boldly claimed that Shawn Michaels prevented him from becoming World Champion due to his race.

After signing with the then WWF in the summer of 1995, Ahmed Johnson began a steady climb up the card. Complete with an other-worldly physique and increasing crowd support, Johnson won the Intercontinental Championship at the 1996 King of the Ring, becoming the first Black champion in the history of the belt.

It was widely assumed that the victory would act as a stepping-stone for Johnson as he later moved on to World Championship glory. However, the illusive World Title win never came, and he was gone from the company altogether in February 1998.

During Johnson’s rise though the WWF, Shawn Michaels was the top dog, with the WWF Championship placed firmly around his waist. It was also during this period that Michaels gained a reputation for using his backstage power to keep his stranglehold on the top of the card. As part of The Kilq, Michaels exerted a huge amount of influence, and wasn’t afraid it use it.

Speaking to Gregory Iron of Iron-On Wrestling, Johnson explained in no uncertain terms that it was Michaels and backstage politics that prevented him from winning the World Championship.

“In the beginning, I really thought that he was behind me and going to give me this great push, but as I went on, I found out it wasn’t Vince that didn’t want to give me the world title, it was other wrestlers like Shawn Michaels,”

“They didn’t want to see me pushed that high. I don’t know [why], personal reasons? I was green, I’ll say that. I was still green and learning, but I think I was ready for the world title shot. Because Shawn had the belt and everything, he basically got to pick who he was going against, he was running the show back then and he was basically picking who was going against him.”

Johnson then went one further and claimed that he was prevented from becoming World Champion by Michaels due to his race.

“From my understanding, what I heard, he didn’t think it was time for a black man to be World’s Champion. I didn’t hear him say that when I was Intercontinental Champion and popping the house everywhere we went.”

After leaving WWE, Ahmed Johnson headed to WCW, debuting in early 2000. However, his time with the company proved to be short-lived as he was out of the door by the middle of the year. Johnson wrestled his final match in 2003.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.