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Ahmed Johnson Says D’Lo Brown Should Have Shown More “Gratitude” After Droz Incident

Ahmed Johnson Nation Of Domination

Former WWF Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson has not held back on his comments on his former Nation Of Domination partner D’Lo Brown.

Johnson was part of the then-WWF from late 1995 until his exit from the company in the spring of 1998. During that time The Pearl River Powerhouse captured the Intercontinental Title but his time in the company was plagued by numerous injuries.

Ahmed Johnson recently joined Monte & The Pharaoh where he discussed another former Intercontinental Champion D’Lo Brown and intimated that Brown was unsafe in the ring:

“Well, I agree with your statements, 100%. There was a match one time when we were wrestling, and he did the leapfrog thing he does, and I wasn’t even in place yet and he went and did it anyway. That jerk-ass boy, he’s not a friend of mine.”

“I will say I probably did work stiff. Honestly, I was a little green when I came in, but the boss is the boss. He puts you in there and says, ‘You do this, you do that,’ or you don’t have a job the next morning.”

Accidents sadly happen in the wrestling ring and D’Lo Brown was involved in one of the most well-known ones in wrestling history where Droz wound up paralysed. Ahmed Johnson then took issue with rumours that suggest Brown didn’t keep in touch with Droz after the devastating injury:

“I agree with you. How could you ruin somebody’s life or change their life course and not take care of them, not be there for them. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard rumors that he will go times without calling Droz. I paralyse you and change your life, and I’ll be calling you every day. I don’t think he showed enough gratitude.”

Brown’s former tag team partner Mark Henry had previously taken issue with Johnson’s remarks about Brown that he made previously, saying:

“[Johnson] said that D’Lo Brown was dangerous and that D’Lo Brown ended Darren Drozdov’s career and never spoke to him again. I speak to Darren all the time. D’Lo speaks to Darren all the time. Guys, just so you know, I’m telling you the truth. This is a bad human being.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.